Tjiwi Kimia has committed itself to being socially, environmentally and economically sustainable throughout its operations. Tjiwi Kimia keep this commitment by helping to empower people in the nearby communities, initiating conservation programs to protect biodiversity and the environment, increasing the use of sustainable forest management certified material, built a dedicated deinking plant, adopting best practices in mill operations to continually reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and by dedicating the company-wide to continuous improvement.

As a part of its commitment toward social sustainability, Tjiwi Kimia actively contributes to the development of the communities in which it operates. Tjiwi Kimia also realizes that the sustainability of its operations is closely related to the community’s welfare and how the company can work together in equal partnership toward enhancing the community’s standard of living. Through a series of strategic and carefully designed programs, Tjiwi Kimia helps provide basic necessities for communities living around its mill operation area in addition to supporting sustainable development for long term positive impacts.

Fully aware of the important issues that concern and aect the environment, Tjiwi Kimia has taken important steps to assure the company’s compliance towards the protection of the environment by:

- Investing funds for wastewater treatment.
- Complying with government regulations and requirements.
- Managing the surrounding environment of the factory complex through the application of ISO 14001.
- Implementing 6S program to assure zero emission for the factory premises and surroundings.

To show its commitments, Tjiwi Kimia has installed the following items:
1. Equalization tanks
2. Primary clarifier
3. Biological treatment
4. Secondary clarifier
5. Euent treated water
6. Incinerator

In this section of our website you can see in more detail what we plan and what we already do.


 Health Care Program

Health Care Program

As a form of the Company’s commitment to improve the quality of people’s livelihood, the Company has initiated several partnerships with dierent institutions especially local government’s health oces to implement health programs aimed at communities living around the production facility.

One of health programs initiated by the Company is socialization of HIV/AIDS program aimed at students and general public as well as stas and business partners of the Company, in partnerships with various national and international non-government organizations including GRANAT (National Movement for Anti Narcotics), ASA (Stop AIDS Action), FHI (Family Health International), Global Fund, and ICA (Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS), the Constellation for AIDS Competence, and ILO (International Labor Organization) and KPA (National Commission on HIV/AIDS) East Java, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Mojokerto Regional Oces as well as East Java Provincial
Oce of Health Aairs, Manpower Aairs, UPPI Public Hospital Dr. Sutomo Surabaya, and APINDO (Indonesian Businessmen Association) and Citra Medika Hospital.

Starting in 2002, Tjiwi Kimia formed a task force called Tjiwi Kimia Peduli HIV/AIDS dan Narkoba (Tjiwi Kimia Care – HIV/AIDS amd Drugs) which main objective is to raise awareness of the hazard, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and Drugs to its employees, partners and contractors.

In 2014, Tjiwi Kimia was granted the Platinum AIDS Award by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration. This award is tribute for the company’s commitment to build sustainable business through a variety of approaches in order to support the achievement of the MDGs, by conducting HIV/AIDS prevention and control program in workplace. Director of Tjiwi Kimia Edwin Suryalaksana also Receives AIDS Platinum Award as a person
who cares HIV AIDS. This award is a tribute to Mr. Edwin Suryalaksana which implement HIV/AIDS prevention and control in the workplace, not only in building awareness of the danger of HIV/AIDS, but also in creating policies and a working environment that ensures the rights and quality of life of people with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) and people living with ODHA (OHIDA) around them.

In addition to the socialization on HIV/AIDS program, the Company has also initiated several health programs including free medical treatment, pap smear test, additional nutrients for infants and harelip operation for children in collaboration with Citra Medika Hospital and Smile Train Foundation.

The Company's commitment improve the quality of people’s health through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) deliver the company to be awarded in Gelar Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (GPBM) event on July 29, 2015 from the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture. The Company was awarded through Tjiwi Kimia Care of HIV / AIDS in the category of Countermeasure and Prevention of HIV /AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis




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